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DateCircular/Notif. No.Circular/Notif. Content 
23/04/2015Adv Jyoti RajNotification No. 02 dated 22/04/2015-Regarding "Full rebate of tax, on the amount of LPG subsidy". Download
10/04/2015Adv Jyoti RajNOT NO.102 DATED 31.4.2015 -CHAGE IN RATE OF TAX AGAINST FORM-11 & OTHER AMENDMENTS - Download
04/04/2015Adv Jyoti Rajcom.notification.no.6146 regarding submission form xViii(D) Download
04/04/2015Adv Jyoti Rajnotification no.6166dt31.3.15 U/R rule 11(2) regarding Annual return Download
19/03/2015Adv Jyoti RajTime for 2012-13 UK-Vat case extended. Download
25/02/2015Adv Jyoti RajCirculars no. 5355 dt.18.2.15 regarding acceptance/rejection of contractor regestration Download
24/02/2015Adv Jyoti RajNotification No. 5455 Dated 19/02/15-Process of online CST Registration for Traders Download
24/02/2015Adv Jyoti RajCircularNo. 5456 Dated 19/02/15-Process of online CST Registration for Officers Download
02/04/2013Adv Jyoti Rajcompounding scheme for civil contractor Download
21/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajNot No.100- Amendment in Rule21 regarding TDS certificate Download
21/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajNot No.96- Change in different entries in Sch-1 & Schd-II(B) Download
21/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajNot No.98- No need of joint committee- if investment in plant & machinery below 25 Crore Download
21/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajNot No.99-No form 11 can be issued for the purchase of Teak, Devdar, Sal, Sheesham etc Download
21/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajNot No.97- Now plastic footwear, hawai chappal, wood carving goods removed from Sch-I & Wooden Crate, Ply wood, ply board removed from Sch-II(B) Download
18/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajCircular No.4721 dated 14/01/15-clarifications - No time will be allowed after assessment for filling Form C Download
18/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajInstructions regarding survey of Brick Kilns- Letter No.4723 dated 14/01/15- It is now compulsorily for the Brick Kilns to deposit & file Quarterly return Download
14/01/2015Adv Jyoti RajCircular regarding online notice generation.dated 06.01.2015 Download
27/12/2014Adv Jyoti RajNow sand reta bajri etc. are taxable @9% Download
20/12/2014Adv Jyoti RajNew form 16 dated 15 dec 2014 Download
20/12/2014Adv Jyoti RajNew O.C stamps dated 15 December 2014 Download
20/12/2014Adv Jyoti RajEntry No.94 of Sch-II(B) deleted- River sand bolders etc Download
20/12/2014Adv Jyoti RajRegarding Relaxation in Online Tripsheet for 5.12.14 (8.30-11 am) due to technical error..dated 05 dec 14 Download
27/12/2014Adv Jyoti RajCIRCULAR- NEW VAT RETURN PREPARER Download
24/11/2014Adv Jyoti RajRegarding change in section 42(6) of Vat Act Download
24/11/2014Adv Jyoti RajRegarding Advisory Committee formed on headquarter Download
24/11/2014Adv Jyoti RajCircular Regarding Registration Procedure to be followed Download
13/11/2014Adv Jyoti RajRegarding Penalties on Contractee Department for not deducting T.D.S Download
13/11/2014Adv Jyoti RajCircular regarding deemed cases notification Download
20/10/2014ADV JYOTI RAJNotification no.908dt.9.10.2014 regarding entry tax amended rules 2014. Download
20/10/2014ADV JYOTI RAJInstructions regarding Demanding of security from Iron Steel Importers(traders) at the time of issuing Form 16 Download
01/10/2014Adv Jyoti RajProcedure to be followed in case of Registration-Survey of Business premises of new dealer Download
01/10/2014Adv Jyoti RajInstructions regarding rule 9(10) Download
10/09/2014Adv Jyoti RajImportant Circular regarding Vat Registration- Jamanat - & Survey-III Download
10/09/2014Adv Jyoti RajImportant Circular regarding Vat Registration- Jamanat - & Survey-II Download
10/09/2014Adv Jyoti RajImportant Circular regarding Vat Registration- Jamanat - & Survey-1 Download
19/08/2014Adv Jyoti RajNot Hindi- 767 dt 14/08/2014 Entry tax levied on sugar brought from other States Download
19/08/2014Adv Jyoti RajNot English- 767 dt 14/08/2014 Entry tax levied on sugar brought from other States Download
03/07/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 602 Dated 23.06.2014 . Now English Liquor taxable 15%. Download
21/06/2014Adv Jyoti RajCircular No.1198 dated 18/06/2014 , regarding correction in E-generated Form-C Download
18/06/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 1127 Dated 11.06.2014 regarding authorization of JC(E) to execute power under section 25(A) (4) of VAT Act 2005 Download
28/05/2014Adv Jyoti RajCircular No 868 Dated 27.05.2014 regarding procedure to be followed in the Assessing Offices in respect of disposal of cases on Tax Assessment Module. Download
26/05/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 832 Dated 24.05.2014 regarding fixation of monitory limit for Assessing Authorities in respect of Assessment of cases. ( Download
29/03/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 328 dated 26.03.2014 regarding an Amendment in Uttarakhand VAT ACT 2005 Download
29/03/2014Adv Jyoti Raj29-03-2014 - Notification No 327 dated 26.03.2014 regarding an Amendment in Uttarakhand VATRules 2005 Download
24/04/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 170 dated 16.04.2014 regarding extant ion of date up to 30.04.2014 for Electronic Acknowledgement Receipt.. Download
02/04/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 6394 dated 29.03.2014 regarding issuing Acknowledgment receipts electronically from 16.04.2014 Download
02/04/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 6384 Dated 29.03.2014 regarding amendment in previous notification No 2610 dated 02.09.2013.. Download
01/04/2014Adv Jyoti RajDate for generating Form C for Q2 of 2013-14 has been extended up to 30 June 2014 by circular no.-6395 Dt. 29 Mar 2014 Download
27/03/2014Adv Jyoti RajCirculer No 6148 Dated 18.03.2014 directions regarding issuance of form C in case Online returns submitted through version 1.2 and 1.3 . Download
20/03/2014Adv Jyoti RajRegarding time extension for the assessment cases of F.Y. 2010-11 upto 31st May 2014 Download
13/03/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification NO.6047 Dated 12.03.2014 regarding Online application of e-legal application under Section 7 , Section 30 and Section 31 and Section 35 of VAT . Download
07/02/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 158 Dated 04.02.2014 regarding authorisation of officers under section 42 and 43 of Uttarakhand Value Added Tax Act 2005 Download
07/02/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 156 Dated 04.02.2014 - Now pichkari & holi colours are taxable @5% Download
07/02/2014Adv Jyoti RajCirculer No 5419 dated 06.02.2014 regarding process by the office before online generation of Form XI Download
06/02/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification No. 5332 Dated 01.02.2014 regarding amendment procedure for Online generated C form. Download
06/02/2014Adv Jyoti RajNOW COOKED FOOD TAXABLE @5% Download
06/02/2014Adv Jyoti RajAuthorization of all DCs,ACs,CTOs to exercise the powers of section 42 and section 43 of Uttarakhand Value Added Tax Act 2005,within whole of the state of Uttarakhand. Download
08/01/2014Adv Jyoti RajNotification- Date of Filing Annual Return of F.Y 2012-13 extended till 15.3.2014 Download
05/12/2013Adv Jyoti RajCircular No.4085 dated 5/12/2013-Now Commercial Tax general survey are open again Download
04/11/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 1199 dated 31.10.2013 regarding extant ion of time for submission of periodical return of period ending on 30.09.2013( second quarter of 2013-14) up to 25.11.2013. Download
04/11/2013Adv Jyoti RajNot No.1196 dated 22/10/2013- Now Supply to CAPF is also exempt under IV-Schedule Download
08/11/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 3371 Dated 24.10.2013 regarding deligation of power to Joint Commissioner (Enforcement) for desposal of cases under Section 43(8) ,48(10) , 48 A(7) of VAT Act 2005 Download
04/11/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no1150 Dated 07 . 10 . 2013 regarding extantion of time for submission of periodical returns for the quarter ending on 30 june ,30 september , 31december of assessment year 2013-14 (Uttarkashi,Rudraprayag,Chamoli,Pithauragarh) Download
01/11/2013Adv Jyoti RajCirculer No 3475 Dated 29.10.2013 Regarding creation of Help Desk by the joint Commissioners for e-Generation of C-Form Download
01/11/2013Adv Jyoti RajForm-C- User Manual Download
01/11/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 3376 Dated 29.10.2013 Regarding directions and conditions for e-Generation of Form C by the by Register Dealer From 30.10.2011 Download
20/10/2013Ajay Gulati, AdvocateChange of Per Form rate for Brick and Sand. Download
18/10/2013hhhhhhhh Download
20/09/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 2691 Dated 12 . 09 .2013 regarding allowing benifit of Form -11 to the purchaser for the amount of more then Rs 500000 issued before 08.08.2013 Download
20/09/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 2698 dated 13 .09 .2013 regarding deligation of powers to the Deputy Commissioners ( enforcement) and Joint Commissioners(Executive) in respect of provisions under Section 43(8) , 48(10 ) and 48(A)(7)of VAT Act 2005 Download
04/09/2013Adv Jyoti RajCircular No.2610 dated 2/9/2013- 1) New dealer & Dealers with turnover below 50 Lakh, E- filing of Annexures made optional. 2) If Annextures uploaded , in such case only Ack. to be submitted with department Download
03/09/2013Adv Jyoti RajNot No.994 2/9/2013- Date of filing 1st Quater return of UK Vat of 2013-14 extended till 25/09/2013 Download
30/08/2013Adv Jyoti RajCircular No.2330/13.8.2013- New Annex Notified- Now E-filing of Annex compulsory Download
16/08/2013Adv Jyoti RajNot No.936/14.8.2013-Notification regarding allowability of % of labour in different kind of work contract Download
30/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 1897 Dated 20.07.2013 regarding procedure for issuing Form- 11 under rule 23(3) of Uttarakhand VAT Rules 2005 Download
30/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajJudgment under section 57 Uttarakhand VAT Act 2005 .Total amount of bill, issued to the customer for cooked food will be taxed under VAT. Download
30/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajBy Notification 862 Dt. 29-07-2013, the time for submission of FIRST QUARTER return for F.Y. 2013-14 has been extended upto 25-08-2013. Download
28/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajJudgment under section 57 Uttarakhand VAT Act 2005 .Total amount of bill, issued to the customer for cooked Download
26/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 1897 Dated 20.07.2013 regarding procedure for issuing Form- 11 under rule 23(3) of Uttarakhand Download
18/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajCommissioners Order Dated 17.08.2007 regarding delegation of powers to the Joint Commissioner (SIB/Enforcement) in respect of provisions of Sub Section 3 of Section 42 of Uttarakhand Value Added Tax Act. Download
18/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 783 Dated 03.07.2013 regarding amendments in Value Added Rules 2005 ( Rule 11, Addition of a new sub Rule 12 in Rule 22 , Rule 23) Download
20/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 658 Dated 03.07.2013 regarding formation of High Powered Committee to resolve controversies in respect of various kind of Taxes between Govt. Departments, Corporations and Gov. Undertakings Download
20/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 784 Dated 04.07.2013 regarding amendments in the Uttarakhand Luxuries in Hotels Tax Rules 2009 Download
18/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 785 Dated 04.07.2013 regarding exemption of Spa From payment of Luxury Tax subject to condition that such tax is not realized from the customer. Download
18/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajCommissioners Circular No 1666 Dated 06.07.2013 regarding fixation of quota in respect of Tax Assessment cases for the Assessment year 2009-2010 and 2010-2011( In a quarter one third of total pending cases. ) Download
06/07/2013Adv Jyoti RajVat-Circular-Notification-783 dated 3/7/2013 Download
20/06/2013Adv Jyoti RajVat- Circular - E- Services By department Download
08/06/2013Adv Jyoti RajNo disallowance of Input Tax Credit for merely not charging VAT seperately in invoice Download
06/06/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 1004 Dated 02.06.2013 regarding relaxation in submission of Online Trip sheet from dated01.06.2013(08 pm. onwards) . Download
02/05/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification No 541dated 02.05.2013 regarding amendment in Uttarakhand Value Added Tax 2005, in Schedule 2(b) for existing entry at serial no 94,the entry shall be substituted namely"River Sand and River Bazari" Download
02/05/2013Adv Jyoti RajRefund Module-From 01.05.2013 refund of all types will be disposed through refund module .Refund Voucher and Advice will be generated electronically. Printed Refund Module-Refund Voucher and Advice will not be issued after 01.05.2013. Download
18/04/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 476dated 15.04.2013 regarding extension of time period for exemption of tax up to 31.03.2015 or the date of implementation of G S T which ever earlier Download
18/04/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 477 dated 15.04.2013 regarding ammendment in schedule 2(b) of UK VAT 2005, entry no 128 (All kind of wire mesh made from iron and steel wire and wire crate manufactured out of such wire mesh) Download
08/04/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no100 dated 04.04..2013 regarding missing and lost form-C Download
08/04/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 75 dated 03.04.2013 regarding submission of monthly return regarding imported Bricks under composition scheme Download
01/04/2013Adv Jyoti RajVat Circular Revised Composition amount for Brick kiln(From 01.04.2012 to 30.09.2013) Download
01/04/2013Adv Jyoti RajVat Circular- regarding revised Composition scheme for Civil and Electrical contractors(From 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2015) Download
30/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajBy notification no.- 379 Dt. 28-3-2013, the existing entry at serial no.-1 of Schedule-III has been amended. Now the rate of tax on Spirits and liquor (excluding country liquor)will be 20% and the tax on wine, manufactured from fruits produced in Uttarakhand state will be 5%. Download
30/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 374 dated 25.03.2013 Composition scheme for Sand,Bajri,Grit,Stone Dust imported from outside the state(Financial year 2013-14) Download
30/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 375 dated 25.03.2013 Composition scheme regarding bricks imported from outside the state(Financial year 2013-14) Download
18/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 5318 dated 14.03.2013,regarding commencement of non security forms E-1,E-2 in use with immediate effect. (Under Download
18/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajVat Circular-Notification no 5319 dated 14.03.2013,regarding commencement of non security Form- D in use with immediate effect. Download
12/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 280 dated 07.03.2013 regarding extension of time for assessment of cases for the assessment year 2009-2010 (up to 31.03.2014) (Under Download
10/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajCircular No.5059 dated 1/3/2013- Regarding reopening of cases where ITC was allowed in case of Stock Transfer on Packing Material Download
10/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajCircular No.268 dated 23.3.2007- clarification If one bill is of more then 5 Lakh it can be covered by one form 11 Download
07/03/2013Adv Jyoti Rajletter no 260 dated 05.03.2013 regarding extension of time-limit for submission of Annual return of Assessment Year 2011-12 Download
05/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 5017 dated 28.02.2013 regarding procedure of preparation,submission and utilization of Transit Pass Download
05/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajCirculer no 5016 dated 28.02.2013 regarding identification of new Mobile Squad, names and area thereof. Download
02/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajCirculer no 5001 dated 27.02.2013 regarding procedure for goods imported trough Rails, Posts,Air or River Download
02/03/2013Adv Jyoti Rajcirculer no 4997 dated 27.02.2013 regarding Submission of information of form 16 utilization and import declaration . Download
02/03/2013Adv Jyoti RajCirculer no 4965 dated 26.02.2013 regarding OC stamps Download
02/03/2013Adv Jyoti Rajnotification no 4966 dated 26.02.2013,arrangements regarding transit pass issued before 01.03.2013 Download
02/03/2013Adv Jyoti Raj Circuler no 4964 Dated 26.02.2013 provision regarding form 16, whose tripsheet was made before midnight of 20.02.2013 (Under Section/Module Download
02/02/2013Adv Jyoti Rajprovision of stamp in Assessment Offices regarding awareness of dealers/ transporters for on line declaration of goods being import. Download
11/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 156 dated 11.02.2013 regarding demand of security for certain goods Download
11/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajSelection of dealers for disposal of cases Assessment year 2010-11s  Download
11/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajSelection of dealers for disposal of cases Assessment year 2010-11s  Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4679 dated 06.02.2013 regarding authorization of D C ( E) in respect of Section 48(10) of vat act Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 146 dated 07.02.2013 regarding new provisions for import of goods Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 145 dated 07.02.2013 regarding new provisions for Vehicle Owner during the course of transportation Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4684 dated 06.02.2013 regarding import of grid,sand,morang etc by unregistered dealer Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 46843dated 06.02.2013 provision regarding producing trip sheet before authorised officer Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4692dated 06.02.2013 provision regarding form 17 Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4678dated 06.02.2013 provision regarding goods imported for other than bussiness perpose. Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4671dated 06.02.2013 provision regarding form 16 Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4682 dated 06.02.2013 provisions regarding assessment in case of transit pass. Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4729 dated 08.02.2013 regarding prepration and submission of trip sheet Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4681 dated 06.02.2013 provisions regarding profarma oftransit pass Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajNotification no 4677dated 06.02.2013 provision regarding form 16 (personal luggage) Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti Raj• 08-02-2013 - Notification no 4693 dated 07.02.2013 regarding Import Declaration by Rail,River,Air or Post Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti Rajcirculer no 4730 dated 8.2.2013 ,procedure regarding voluntary online declaration of trip sheet. Download
08/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajCircular no 4749 dated 8.2.2013 ,procedure followed by Checkpost Officials regarding On Line declaration of Trip Sheet. Download
11/02/2013Adv Jyoti Raj Circular No 4759 dated 11.2.12- regarding launch of Refund Module Download
06/02/2013Adv Jyoti RajDomestic Gas is now taxable @5% since 5/2/2013 Download
04/02/2013Ajay Gulati, AdvocateForm 16 series UK VAT K - 2010 is withdrawn by Govt.. Download
31/01/2013Adv Jyoti RajInstructions In case of Stock Transfer ITC is not allowable of Packing material Download
31/01/2013Adv Jyoti RajCompound Scheme under Luxuary tax for renting marriage halls etc Download
18/01/2013Adv Jyoti RajChange in Luxuary Tax Rules Download
13/01/2013Jyoti Raj AdvocateNot. No.622 dated 25/07/2011- 1% CSt Payable if Investment in plant & Machinery is below1 Crore Download
13/01/2013Jyoti Raj AdvocateNotification No.822 dated 3rd June 2004- 1% CST Payable if the investment in Plant & Machinery is below 25 Crore Download
13/01/2013Jyoti RajNot No.335/16.3.2005- CST payable @1%- No Limit in Investment in Plant & Machinery Download
09/01/2013Jyoti RajNotification regarding time limit increased up to 31-01-2013 for submission of annual return of A.Y 2011-12 Download
19/12/2012Jyoti RajNotification regarding implimentation of amendments w.e.f. 01-03.2013 in VAT ACT2005(section 47,48,49,50,51,53,56 and 58)and in VAT RULE 2005(rule5,26,27,28) as notified on dated 13.06.2012 and 13.09.2012 respectively. Download
16/12/2012JRDInstructions reagrding the processing of Annual return filed of F.Y 2010-2011 Download
15/12/2012JRDAmendment in Section 2,4,35,59 & Rules since 14.12.2012 Download
03/12/2012JRDProcedure to be followed for getting form C,F,H etc Download
03/12/2012JRDCompound Scheme for bhatta- 2013-14 Download
21/11/2012JRDClarification- All unit are indipident unit for claiming CST of @1% Download
21/11/2012Jyoti RajAmendment in Not No 960 dated 26/10/2012 Download
17/11/2012JYOTI RAJNotification regarding compulsory online filing of periodical returns of all types ( Download
06/11/2012JYOTI RAJComposition Scheme for the season year 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 regarding "UPKHANIJ" Download
02/11/2012JYOTI RAJNotification regarding Uttarakhand Special Integrated Industrial Promotion Policy 2011 Download
06/11/2012JYOTI RAJAmendment/Corrigendum REGARDING "Composition Scheme Dated 21.08.2006 for Electrical Contractor Download
28/09/2012JRDRebate of Diesel Download
28/09/2012JRDTime for Assessment year 2008-09 extended for 2 month Download
27/09/2012JRDNot. 829- English- Change in Uk Vat Rules Download
14/09/2012JRDChange in Uttarakhand CST Rules Download
03/08/2012JRDVat on sugar Not leviable since 3/8/2012 Download
01/08/2012JRDCandle & Umberala are Sch-I item Where as CFL bulb & Tube are Sch-II(B) item Download
31/07/2012JRDInstructions - Sugar remain exempt in between 2/6/2008 to 22/1/2009 Download
31/07/2012JRDOrder U/s57- Electroplating Chemicals are taxable @13.5% Download
13/06/2012JRDnOT nO.178 DATED 13TH JUNE 2012- HINDI Download
13/06/2012JYOTI RAJ ADVOCATEnOT nO.178 DATED 13TH JUNE 2012- ENGLISH Download
21/12/2011JRDClarification regarding ITC of 5 lakh- in case of self schem No.770 dated 15/07/2011 Download
12/01/2012JRDClarification regarding Entry Tax Download
25/01/2012JRDClarification regarding substitution of Section 25 Download
18/01/2012JRDModular Kitchen & its part covered under 13.5% Download
27/02/2012JRDCompulsary On Line Vat Return Filing for CST Return Download
22/03/2012JRDOn Line Submission of Form VI-A Download
22/03/2012JRDExtension of Time for assessment of year 2008-09 cases Download
29/03/2012JRDCompulsary On line Submission of TDAN Registration application Download
17/04/2012JRDCompound schem for Road side Dhabas Download
24/04/2012JRDTax on cloth suspended till further orders Download
25/04/2012JRDfiling E- Return of assessee reg under 71)/7(2) postponed till 1st quarter of 2012-13 Download
27/04/2012JRDTime for filing IV quarter return of 2011-12 extended till 15.5.2012 Download
30/04/2012JRDInstructions regarding checking of returns Download
03/05/2012JRDKhaprail included in Entry No.28 of Sch-II(B) Download
03/07/2012JYOTI RAJ ADVOCATEClarification reagrding Civil & Electrical compound Scheme Download
06/06/2012JRDForm-16 series no U.K.VAT-B2009 and U.K.VAT-D2009 will be valid up to 30th june 2012 midnight Download
06/06/2012JRDNew roadpermit series U.K.VAT-M2012 is introduced Download
30/05/2012JRDCircular Related with Setion 43(8) of UK Vat Act Download
30/05/2012JRDAdditional Tax on Cigratte removed . Download
30/05/2012JRDTabacco, Biri Are Sch-III item taxable at 8% (m orI), Cigarette etc are Sch-III item taxable at 20% ( M or I) Download
30/05/2012JRDNon Levy Sugar is Schedule-III item Taxable @2% (Mor I) Download
30/05/2012JRDWithdrawl of Entry Tax on Sugar Download
30/05/2012JRDTimber is now Sch-III item , taxable at the Rate of 15% ( MorI) Download
28/05/2012JRDKulia,, Batasha etc Removed from Sch-II(B) & are now part of Schd-I Download
28/05/2012JRDAdditional Tax of .5% & 1% removed . Download
28/05/2012JYOTI RAJ ADVOCATERate of Tax on Sch-II(B) item changed from 4% to 5% & of Unclassified Items From 12.5% to 13..5% Download

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